Contemporary Abstract Resin Art has taught me a valuable life lesson: how and when to let go as there comes a time when you must let the resin flow as it wishes, and in doing so, you watch it slowly turn into a beautifully balanced art piece.


As a self-taught artist who loves to explore and try different techniques, I have mastered the use of resin and have learned to expand its boundaries. With very careful and perfect self-restraint, I manipulate the flow of the resin to an extent with the help of a blowtorch and a heat gun. Through my art, viewers are able to see unique art pieces and items made of resin, acrylics, mica powder, alcohol ink, rocks, crystals, sand, gold leaf, and dye on canvas, coasters, wood, different types of tabletop decorations, and 100% cotton dog leashes.

This page is a glimpse of my views and imagination.

If you have questions or would like to work together, please use the contact form.


Prince is my dog and he is often an inspiration to many of the art pieces that I make. He is an (almost) 2 years old parti-colored Goldendoodle. Since he was five months old, he and I have gone through a lot of training. We are a certified Therapy Dog and Handler Team and we are certified through Therapy Dogs International. We love to volunteer and it is amazing how he can make anyone smile and brighten their days. He is a giant fluffy and playful bear. If you would like us to visit and volunteer at your office, facility, school, nursing home, library, (anywhere), please feel free to contact me so I can provide more information as there is a form that must be completed before the visit.

by Alexandra Martinez